Chapter 13
Stamp Clubs

Read this chapter if you are interested in joining a local stamp club, or if you’re possibly seeking help there. Sometimes you can get an informal opinion as to the value of material you bring in. Do not overlook a stamp club as a good venue for selling your material. You will almost always do better than selling to a dealer. If the club has an active buy-sell system, for a modest membership fee, you may be able to sell your material through their system.


Many places have stamp clubs that meet on a regular basis, usually once a month. The stamp club is primarily for stamp collectors. A presentation about something philatelic is normally made at each meeting. Before and/or after the meeting, there is usually a place where people can trade stamps. Stamp clubs occasionally have stamp auctions. They normally keep 10% of the hammer price to help pay club expenses.

If you are interested in stamp collecting, by all means consider joining a stamp club. You’ll probably have a great time.

If you want to get an informal opinion of what you inherited, and if you can easily carry the collection in, you might attend a meeting. Normally someone will be happy to take a quick look at what you’ve got and give you a quick opinion on whether it’s good stuff or bad stuff. Be careful in how you interpret this, however. Many true collectors think every stamp is wonderful! Try to get specifics like which ones would have a high-catalog value.

To find a local stamp club, ask at the local post office. They might know. If not, send a SASE to:

Linn’s Stamp Club Center
P.O. Box 29
Sidney OH 45365-0029

or check online:

They will send you the address of a stamp club near you based on your ZIP code.